How to Tell If Your Lawn Mower Needs a Tune-Up

May 4, 2018

Summer is fast approaching, and it’s the perfect time to ensure that your lawn and garden are looking their best. Having the right lawn equipment allows you to tend to your yard and keep it looking clean and vibrant throughout the year. However, lawn equipment won’t stay in peak condition forever. Just like any other mechanical equipment, lawn equipment needs to be serviced regularly. A lawn equipment tune-up in Ogden, UT will get all of your machinery working the way it should and will maximize its efficiency and effectiveness. This spring, take a look at some of your lawn equipment and test it out to determine whether it’s time for a tune-up before summer.

The benefits of a tune-up

When a lawn equipment repair company performs a tune-up on your lawn mower, they will do several things to increase the performance of your equipment. The most basic tune-up will include an oil change, spark plug replacement and air filter cleaning. Even these basic services can make a significant difference. A more in-depth lawn equipment tune-up in Ogden, UT will also include lawn mower blade sharpening, a mechanical inspection and an in-depth lubrication of all of the moving parts in your equipment.

When you have a dirty air filter, your lawn equipment has to work extra hard just to perform its basic job. When you have your air filter replaced or cleaned, it puts much less stress on your equipment and boosts its efficiency. New spark plugs make for a much easier start, and lubricating mechanical components improves the effectiveness of your equipment. A regular tune-up will help ensure the effective operation of your equipment and increase its longevity significantly.

Signs you need a tune-up

Even if you don’t notice any major signs that your lawn mower need a tune-up, it’s a good idea to have your lawn equipment checked out every season or every 50 hours of use. If you have noticed that your lawn equipment is hard to start or has been declining in efficiency, it’s a good idea to have a professional take a look at it. You should also be watching for signs that your blades are dulling and are becoming less effective at cutting grass. You should also get a tune up more frequently if you are using your equipment for taller and thicker grass, or if you regularly use your equipment under especially hot temperatures.

Call for lawn equipment tune-up in Ogden

Prepare yourself to have a gorgeous lawn all summer with help from the team at Ogden Lawn & Garden. We specialize in the care, maintenance and repair of all kinds of lawn equipment. Our trained team of technicians can help ensure all of your lawn equipment is in the best condition possible to give you the best outcomes for your lawn and garden. In addition, we have a fully stocked parts department with high quality components from dozens of top brands. We want you to feel confident in the service that you receive, which is why we are happy to offer a warranty on all of our work. You can find out more or schedule service today by giving us a call.

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