Understanding the Difference Between a Riding Mower and a Zero Turn Mower

May 23, 2018

When looking to replace a lawn mower or get one for the first time, deciding which type to buy is an important first step. Nowadays, a riding mower is an increasingly popular choice. The next step is picking between a regular lawn tractor and a zero turn mower. A lawn mower store in Ogden, UT like Ogden Lawn & Garden can help answer any questions you may have. Here’s a quick rundown of what to consider when picking out a mower:

  • Mowing pattern: A zero turn mower has a definite advantage when it comes to mowing pattern. (By mowing pattern, we mean the direction and turns you make while mowing.) A lawn tractor has a wider turning radius than a zero turn mower. That means the lawn tractor leaves strips of uncut grass that need to still be cut. This usually requires driving over the same area multiple times to make sure you’ve covered every part of the yard. Zero turn mowers, however, can turn 180 degrees. This means a clean cut at the end of each mowing row, which results in fewer passes necessary to cut the yard.
  • Time to cut: Another advantage for the zero turn mower is the amount of time it saves. A zero turn mower drives at a faster speed. It cuts grass at an average speed of 5 to 8 mph, while the lawn tractor cuts at around 3 to 4 mph. In addition to the speed, a zero turn mower also has greater maneuverability. As mentioned above, a zero turn mower won’t have to make multiple passes in the same area to cut the grass. It will also be better able to drive around objects while still cutting the grass near them.
  • Drivability: A lawn tractor has a normal steering wheel, while a zero turn machine does not. It features an innovative lever system to accelerate, brake and steer. While it may look intimidating, once you’ve settled in, it’s not any harder than a standard lawn tractor, and it can be easier to make minor adjustments as necessary.
  • Attachments: Zero turn mowers have plenty of attachments available. One of the most popular is a bagging system that collects grass clippings. There are plenty of bagger options, including both powered and non-powered. Additional attachments for a zero turn mower add to its versatility. They include dump carts, spreaders and aerators. You can even attach something to the front of the mower, like a snowplow or snow blower, allowing you to use the zero turn mower throughout the year. It’s a good idea to have these accessories installed by a professional power equipment dealer or at your local lawn mower store in Ogden, UT.

When looking for a new lawn mower, the advantages of the zero turn mower are obvious. A lawn mower store in Ogden, UT like Ogden Lawn & Garden can help answer any questions. We’re a family owned and operated business that’s been in operation since 1979. We can help you with outdoor power equipment and gas, wood or pellet fireplace and stove needs. Get in touch today to learn more!

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