A Brief Explanation of Trimmers and Edgers for First-Time Users

June 6, 2018

Taking care of your lawn is an important part of homeownership, and keeping the lawn trimmed and mowed properly is a key part of any effective approach to lawn care. This will keep your property looking good and will increase its value. It will also keep your grass healthy.

One of the tougher places to keep your lawn properly trimmed is along the edges. To do this, there are several options at your disposal. The most popular are string trimmers and edgers. You can easily find these at a lawn equipment dealer in Ogden, UT, like Ogden Lawn & Garden. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about them. Here’s some helpful information to help you choose the right tool for your lawn.

Power tools

Both trimmers and edgers are power tools and can be dangerous. You’ll want to be careful when using them. String trimmers can run on electricity or fuel. If running on electricity, you’ll need to buy the right extension cord. Cordless electric string trimmers are another option, but these are less powerful. Other string trimmers run on gasoline power, which can come in two or four cycle models. Two cycle models will need a mixture of oil and gasoline, while four cycle models can run on gasoline you use in your lawn mower. Most trimmers are more powerful than edgers and run on gasoline power. In both these cases, you’ll want to double check with your lawn equipment dealer in Ogden, UT to verify which kind of fuel you need.

Maintaining or redefining the lawn

An edger is the tool you want to use if you purchased a new property or are changing the shape of your yard. An edger is more powerful than a string trimmer, and is helpful when you’re looking to create crisp, clean lines on the edge of your grass. A string trimmer is the best option when you’re just hoping to maintain the edges of the grass. For ease of reference, the edger is what you use to create the lawn design you want, while the trimmer keeps it looking clean and healthy.

Ease of use

With the edger being more heavy duty, it is a little bigger, heavier and harder to maneuver than the trimmer. The trimmer is lighter and less powerful. It will be easier to use, which is part of the reason it’s best used in maintaining your yard. Even though the edger is more unwieldy, it is also more stable on the ground and in some cases can actually be easier to use.

Both the edger and string trimmer are necessary for caring for your lawn. The string trimmer is a cheaper purchase, but both are needed to keep your grass healthy and attractive. A lawn equipment dealer in Ogden, UT like Ogden Lawn & Garden can help answer all your questions about trimmers and edgers. We’re a locally owned and operated business that’s been serving the region for decades. If you’re looking to maintain or redesign your lawn, we can help. We are fully equipped with a parts department for all lawn equipment. We’re also able to repair any broken equipment. Give us a call!

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