Avoid These Common Mistakes That Cause Damage to Lawn Mowers in Ogden, UT

September 3, 2018

A lawn mower is a significant investment. You likely want to ensure your machine offers a long lifespan that isn’t cut short by mishaps. How can you extend the longevity of your lawn mower? To get the best return, avoid the following common mistakes that cause damage to lawn mowers in Ogden, UT.

Lack of Maintenance

Just like your car, your appliances and your teeth, your lawn mower requires proper maintenance for optimal performance and a long life. Inspect your lawn mower and perform the necessary upkeep regularly.

Before you use your lawn mower, check the oil level. Follow manufacturer specifications for frequency of oil changes. This will keep your machine properly lubricated, which is essential for healthy functioning.

Replace the air filter regularly. This can become clogged quickly, so check it often. If this is not changed when dirty, your lawn mower can stall or fail due to a lack of airflow.

Maintain the blades. Keep them sharp, but don’t sharpen them too frequently, as this can cause breakage. Check for bending or warping. Watch for signs of uneven grass to let you know that your blades need to be changed.

Lack of Prep

You might be in a hurry to complete your mowing task, but don’t skip the proper prep. Always perform a preliminary walkthrough of the area you will be mowing to remove stones, large sticks and other objects. These can easily cause damage to the mower. This task is easiest when you keep your grass regularly maintained. Waiting too long between mowing jobs makes both prep and mowing more difficult.

If you’re unfamiliar with the terrain, also look for sprinkler heads, stepping stones and tree stumps that can pose a hazard.

If you want to reduce the number of weeds in your lawn, it’s important to also remove existing weeds before you mow. If you skip this step, you can spread weed seeds when you mow.

Lack of Storage

Lawn mowers in Ogden, UT are often stored for long periods of time. Before you put your lawn mower away for the season, clean it thoroughly. Make sure it is fully dry before you store it. If it will be unused for more than two weeks, drain the fuel from the machine. If this task isn’t completed, the fuel can evaporate over time and leave damaging residue in the fuel system.

Once your lawn mower is prepped for storage, store it in a cool, dry place for the season. Make sure it is protected from moisture, extreme temperatures and pests.

Lack of Expertise

A lack of knowledge about proper lawn mower care can cause damage to your machine, destroy your lawn and result in personal injury. If you need more information on lawn mowers in Ogden, UT, contact the experts at Ogden Lawn & Garden. We offer in-depth knowledge about a full range of lawn care machinery and techniques. Our experienced full-time mechanics have the knowledge and expertise necessary to get the job done right. Reach out to our team today for additional tips.

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