How to Buy a Lawn Mower

October 24, 2018

If you’re looking for the most efficient, effective way to trim your lawn, you may be wondering how to choose a lawn mower that meets your needs.

There are two primary types of lawn mowers: push mowers and riding mowers. Within each of those types, there are countless sub-categories. The type of mower that you select ultimately depends on your personal preferences, the size of your lawn, the topography of your yard, the type of grass you grow and the energy source of your choice.

Consulting with a store specializing in lawn equipment sales in Ogden, UT is the best way to ensure that you’re using a mower that meets your needs.

When to choose a riding mower

Generally, lawns that are a half-acre and smaller are considered mid-to-small-sized yards; if your yard is less than a half-acre in size, there’s no reason to even consider investing in a riding lawn mower. If your lawn is larger than a half-acre, however, a riding mower may be right for you.

Additional factors that may contribute to the usefulness of a riding mower include challenging topography at your property, tough grass and more.

If you have overly soggy soil, however, it’s important to never use a riding mower; they may sink into the ground, and can cause long-term damage to your property.

Types of push mowers

For most residences, push mowers are more than sufficient. There are several different kinds of push mowers that you can select, depending on your preferences and needs. Here are just some of the push mowers that you might encounter when visiting a store specializing in lawn equipment sales in Ogden, UT:

  • Manual reel mowers: These mowers rely on nothing but your own muscle power. Manual reel mowers are lightweight, quiet and emissions-free; they’re also relatively challenging to operate, however, especially over large distances.
  • Corded electric mowers: Perfect for small, compact yards, electric corded mowers are lightweight, convenient and affordable. They do include a learning curve, however; it’s far too easy to run over the mower’s cord!
  • Battery-operated mowers: Battery-operated mowers are perfect for people with mid-size yards who don’t want the emissions associated with gas mowers. Battery mowers tend to be heavy, and can have a relatively limited range.
  • Gas mowers: For decades, gas mowers have been the gold standard of lawn mowers. They do require some amount of routine maintenance, however, and release emissions that may be harmful to the environment and are generally distasteful.
  • Self-propelled gas mowers: Self-propelled gas mowers are almost a kind of hybrid between push mowers and driving mowers; they use the energy created by the engine to propel the mower forward, making them easier to push and operate.

Since 1979, Ogden Lawn & Garden has been a trusted source of lawn equipment sales in Ogden, UT. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive inventory of mowers, and to have one of our friendly and professional team members help you identify the types of mowers that may be best suited for you.

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