Prepping Your Lawn Equipment to Endure the Winter

December 5, 2018

Now that the grass growing season is over, it’s time for you to put your lawn mower in storage for the winter. Here are a few lawn equipment maintenance tips in Ogden, UT to help you prepare your mower for the winter season so that it’s clean and in good condition when the spring arrives and you’re ready to use it again.

Before you begin, read your manual

Every lawn mower is different, so it’s important you check your owner’s manual for required maintenance and winterizing steps before you put the mower away in storage for the winter. If you can’t find your manual, you should be able to find information online at the manufacturer’s website, or at other sites that have free manuals available. Always follow the manufacturer-recommended steps before taking other action.

Empty the gas tank

You should never store your mower when there’s still gas in the tank. The ethanol in the fuel will start to degrade, and could even stiffen plastic or rubber parts inside your power system. All it takes is 30 days for gasoline to become stale, which could result in some significant damage to the fuel system and carburetor. If you leave it in all winter, it thickens and becomes extremely difficult to remove.

You should empty the fuel tank, either by running the tank dry or draining it. Add a fuel stabilizer or preserver first, then run the mower dry if that is the option you choose. There are some ways you can treat the fuel to be able to keep it in the mower all winter long, but it’s probably safer to just empty the tank.

Change the oil

You’ll need to change the oil in the motor, especially if you notice the oil is a dark black color or has gotten contaminated. Your owner’s manual will have specific directions as to how to change the oil and the type of oil to use. Make sure you do not pour used oil down a drain—there are recycling centers and auto repair shops that can get rid of the oil for you.

This is only a step you need to follow with four-stroke engines, as two-stroke engines have oil mixed with gas.


The power deck gets gummed up with grass and dirt rather easily, so before you store your mower away for the season, clean it off so you can start fresh next spring. It’s a good idea to remove the spark plug first to prevent any accidents with the blade. Cleaning helps to prevent corrosion. You can use either a putty knife or wire brush if there are any stubborn clippings and dirt that you can’t get off with a rag. Once the deck is clean and dry, use a silicone spray on it as a means of preventing future buildup.


While you can sharpen the blades in the spring, it makes sense to do it now while you’re performing these other mower maintenance tasks. It’s actually a good idea to sharpen the blade several times a year.

For more tips about winterizing and other lawn equipment maintenance in Ogden, UT, contact the team at Ogden Lawn & Garden today.

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