Troubleshooting a Wet Lawn Mower

January 22, 2019

Mother Nature is highly unpredictable, especially in the springtime, when a sunny day can quickly turn into a downpour. Obviously, you’d never willingly mow your lawn when it’s raining outside, but those pop-up showers can come quickly, and if you’re cutting the grass, you could be caught in the middle of one.

Needless to say, a wet lawn mower is no good and could end up requiring extensive repairs to correct the damage caused by the moisture. But before you chalk it up as a loss and bring your mower to a repairman, continue reading to learn more about fixing a wet lawn mower and lawn equipment maintenance in Ogden, UT. It may be an easier job than you think!

  • Spray the carburetor: First off, spray starter fluid into the carburetor. Doing this could help jumpstart the wet motor and get your lawn mower up and running again.
  • Try running it: Now that you’ve sprayed the carb, try running the mower. Trying to start up your wet mower might seem a little premature at this point, but running the motor will help dry out all of its components. Additionally, running the mower for a bit can help prevent any parts from rusting. Don’t be alarmed if your mower starts making some loud, unsettling noises while it’s running—this is common for a wet mower.
  • Drain the gas and oil: If your lawn mower doesn’t start up right away, you might have to drain all of the gas and oil to ensure that it’s completely dry. Once drained, wait a bit and refill it with gas and oil and try starting it up again.
  • Get a new spark plug: Still no luck starting it up? You might have to replace the spark plug. Luckily, a new spark plug only costs a few dollars and is easy to replace yourself. Just check your owner’s manual to be sure you perform the replacement correctly.
  • Dry the air filter: Once the mower finally starts up and you’ve let it run for a little bit, it’s time to work on the air filter. Remove the filter, clean it off and let it dry out. If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced your air filter, you might just want to toss it and get a new one at this point.
  • Purchase rust protectant: Your number one defense against the rain is a can of rust protectant. Spraying it with a protective agent will help ensure that you don’t encounter any rust the next time your mower gets caught out in the rain.
  • Bring it to a pro: Your last resort if your mower is still having issues is to bring it to a professional. A small engine specialist should be able to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and get it up and running again in no time at all.

If you do need to bring your lawn mower in to a professional, be sure to choose Ogden Lawn & Garden. Nobody beats our prices or customer service when it comes to repairs or lawn equipment maintenance in Ogden, UT. Give us a call today to learn more about all of the services we offer!

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