Common Mistakes People Make with Their Lawn Mowers

February 5, 2019

Mowing your lawn is a crucial part of your spring, summer and early fall routine. It doesn’t matter if your lawn is big or small—you’ve got to cut the grass on a regular basis to ensure your property looks presentable.

However, pushing or riding your lawn mower around isn’t as easy as that. Folks make grave mistakes with their mowers that often lead to costly repairs. Keep reading to learn a few of the biggest errors we see people make time and time again:

  • Not scheduling maintenance: Before you start your lawn mower up this spring, be sure to bring it in for lawn equipment maintenance in Ogden, UT. A professional will pore over every aspect of your mower to ensure it’ll run smoothly throughout the season and you shouldn’t need to make any costly midsummer repairs.
  • Trying to cut too much grass: It can be easy to let your grass get too tall, especially if there are a couple of rainy days that prevent you from mowing. We see a lot of people cut their tall grass without raising their mower deck. This practice is very taxing on your mower’s engine, and doesn’t even cut the grass evenly. As a rule, you should only cut half the blade of grass. So, if your grass is six inches high, you should only cut three inches.
  • Not cleaning the mower deck: Have you ever looked at the underside of your mower after cutting the grass? It’s incredibly dirty. All of that excess grass accumulates in clumps on the bottom of your mower, which eventually restricts airflow and leaves you with a poor cut. Make a habit of spraying the underside of your mower each time you’re finished mowing.
  • Storing the mower improperly: Once your mower is nice and clean, be sure to keep it in your shed or garage. Leaving it exposed to the elements will lead to rust and other engine problems. Additionally, always store your gasoline in proper containers to ensure no water mixes with the fuel.
  • Using a dull blade: Instead of cutting your grass, dull blades tear it in pieces. This is unhealthy for the grass and leaves you with a shoddy looking yard. We recommend sharpening your blades at least three times a year. If you’re unable to do it yourself, just bring your mower to us, and we’ll have it done in no time.
  • Waiting to make repairs: Is your mower making weird noises, not running as well as it once did or doing a poor job of actually cutting your grass? If so, bring it to a professional for repairs as soon as you can. Waiting to have your mower fixed will only make the repair job more expensive.

When it comes to lawn equipment maintenance in Ogden, UT, nobody beats Ogden Lawn & Garden. We offer a variety of maintenance and repair services for all of your lawn care equipment. Give us a call today to schedule maintenance to ensure your lawn mower is up and running before spring!

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