Will the Rain Affect My Lawn Care Routine?

March 22, 2019

You cleared your schedule on Tuesday because your lawn desperately needs attention. If the blades get any longer, your kids will get lost in the grass. Tuesday arrives. You head to your garage to get your mower that you purchased at your lawn equipment store in Ogden, UT, and you catch a glimpse of the sky through your kitchen window. A storm is about to unleash. By the time you get outside, your lawn is soaked by torrential rains.

What should you do? Do you have to alter your lawn care routine due to the rain, or can you forge ahead with your plans? Unfortunately, the right answer is to wait. It’s a bad idea to try to mow the lawn in the rain or while it’s still soaked from a recent storm. Here’s why:

  • Clumps and lumps: When grass is wet, it is thick and heavy with water. This means it doesn’t stand up straight. The parts that are pressed down under the weight of the water will not be cut by the mower blades. The result is a poor cut. The wet grass will also be difficult to blow off of your lawn, which can create lumps of grass that lead to dead spots in your yard.
  • Ruts and grooves: Wet ground doesn’t provide a good terrain for lawn equipment. Heavy machinery can easily sink into the turf or get stuck in muddy patches. In your effort to make your lawn look nicer with a fresh cut, you can end up putting heavy ruts in the yard instead and cause more damage than good.
  • Clogs and bogs: Wet grass sticks together. Masses of wet grass can easily clog the mower. The water weight can bog down the engine and cause damage to your machine. Most mowers are not designed for operation in monsoons, so it’s best to wait for a fair-weather day. If you happen to hit a wet patch on a sunny day, it’s important to clean out the mower afterwards to remove any grass that could clog the machine.
  • Slips and slides: Mowing wet grass poses a threat to more than your lawn and your lawn mower. It’s also a safety risk for the operator. Wet conditions make slips and falls more likely. When operating a machine with sharp blades, this creates an extremely dangerous situation. It’s not worth the risk of injury. Your lawn may look a little rough for an extra day or two, but it’s worth the wait to protect your safety.

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