Watch for These Lawn Mower Fire Hazards

April 5, 2019

Did you know that lawn mowers can cause fires? This might not be a hazard you have ever considered. After all, the machine doesn’t involve an open flame. How could a simple task like mowing the lawn cause a fire? Below, a trusted provider of lawn mower repair in Ogden, UT explains how.

The following situations can create a lawn mower fire hazard. Avoid these situations by taking the proper precautions and using appropriate safety measures when operating lawn mowing equipment. For additional tips or instructions on how to properly use lawn mowers, consult with your local source for lawn mower repair in Ogden, UT.

  • Field fire: Do you need to clear a field? Keep in mind that residential lawn mowers are not designed for this task. If the field is extremely dry and conditions are hot, the grass can build up in the mower. Inside this hot, overworked machine, the grass can catch on fire. These flaming pieces then fall out of the mower and spread the fire to the field. From there, the flames can quickly grow out of control.
  • Rock spark: If a lawn mower strikes a rock, it can generate a spark. If this happens in the midst of dry grass, the spark can easily ignite it. If conditions are right, the flames can quickly grow and spread throughout the area. If you will be mowing in dry conditions, start near your home and work your way out, so you create a fire barrier in case a spark ignites your grass.
  • Roadside risk: Do you ever use a riding lawn mower or other similar vehicle for lawn or farm care? Keep in mind that these vehicles have pipes and mufflers that become extremely hot while in use. Pulling off the road into brush or grass that is dry can prove disastrous. The heat from the machinery can start a fire in the dry growth.
  • Messy maintenance: Proper care of your lawn mower is important to prevent fires. Never add oil or fuel to a hot engine. This can cause the lawn mower to catch on fire. Additionally, clean up any spills right away. It’s essential to keep equipment clean and free of oil and gas residue that can pose a fire hazard. Lastly, never smoke while operating or adding gas or oil to a mower.
  • Safe storage: How and where do you store your mower and extra gasoline? Always use approved containers to store flammable liquids. It’s also best to store gasoline far from the mower itself. Improper storage of gasoline or equipment can easily lead to unsafe conditions and fire incidents.

Stay Fire-Free

To keep your equipment in top condition and reduce the risk of fire, partner with your local experts for lawn mower repair in Ogden, UT. At Ogden Lawn & Garden, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to keep all your equipment in top shape. Our full-time, experienced mechanics are ready to assist you. Contact us today for expert tips, quality parts and superior service.

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