Does Your Lawn Mower Need a Tune-Up?

June 19, 2019

If you mow your own lawn, you know the frustration of a lawn mower that isn’t working properly. Maybe it’s gotten more sluggish as the summer has worn on, or maybe it’s harder to start than it used to be. Practicing good lawn mower maintenance in Ogden, UT can help mitigate the damages the season can take on your lawn mower and keep it running well all summer long. However, you may wonder whether the operation of your lawn mower would benefit from a tune-up. Follow these tips for lawn mower maintenance in Ogden, UT to keep it running well:

  • Use better fuel: Even if you care for your lawn mower by using fresh fuel each time you use it, you may be using fuel that’s not of great quality, such as fuel that has too much alcohol in it, which will damage plastic fuel components. Try using gasoline that has an octane rating of no lower than 87, and an alcohol content no higher than 10 percent. Plus, never buy and store fuel for longer than two weeks at a time.
  • Sharpen your blade: Mowing with a dull blade can be sluggish and put undue strain on your mower. Try sharpening the blade a few times a season to keep it running smoothly. You’ll want to remove the blade and sharpen it with a mill bastard file. Make sure you take off an equal amount of metal from both sides. You can check this by balancing the blade on a bolt clamped in a bench vise. You can also buy a pre-made blade balancer. A torque wrench will help you refasten the blade to the machine.
  • Clean the air filter: Paper or foam filters should be replaced every 25 hours of operation of the mower. Paper filters that have a foam filter pre-cleaner can last 100 hours before replacement. Be careful when cleaning your filters, because they could tear or become damaged easily. Never use a compressed air blower, which is too strong for a paper air filter. A teaspoon of dust that perforates the air filter can completely destroy your engine.
  • Scrape your mower’s deck: The underside of your mower’s deck gets covered with grass clippings that become stuck and piled up on the machine. You’ll want to scrape the deck with a putty knife or wire brush to clear out these clippings. However, before scraping, make sure you disconnect the spark plug and siphon on the fuel tank to remove it, then tip the mower back to reach the deck.
  • Clean your flywheel: Mowers that see a lot of use will need a midseason cleaning of the flywheel, especially if you operate them in dusty or dirty environments. You can brush off the fins of the flywheel with an old paintbrush to keep them operating good as new.

If you’re changing your fuel and keeping your mower well maintained but are still experiencing a more sluggish run as the season wears on, you may want to contact a professional for lawn mower maintenance in Ogden, UT. Ogden Lawn & Garden is proud to have served the area since 1979. We serve our customers with sales, service and repair for lawn equipment and more. Give us a call today for a consultation.

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