Why Does My Riding Lawn Mower’s Battery Keep Dying?

July 23, 2019

Riding lawn mowers usually have a 12-volt battery that is a similar, smaller version of what you’d find in a standard automobile, though some will have an even smaller six-volt battery. In general, though, what you should know is that the battery in your riding mower is what is responsible for creating the power needed to crank the engine. The recharging system in the mower then keeps powering the battery throughout the usage of the equipment.

If you’re having issues with your lawn mower’s battery failing to hold a charge or performing at less than its normal capabilities, you’ll need to have an understanding of the components of the mower and where they could potentially be having issues that cause the battery outages. Here’s some information about riding lawn mowers in Ogden, UT for you to consider.

Battery lifespan

As a general rule, you can expect the battery in a riding lawn mower to last you for about four years. Once it gets near the end of this lifespan, you’ll notice the battery will not be holding its charge for as long as it once did. Considering how small the storage capacity is for electricity in mower batteries, even a small reduction in the amount of power it holds could have a big effect on your usage of the equipment.

When the mower is not in use and the battery is in good condition, the battery should be able to hold a charge for three to four weeks. However, once the battery gets older, that time will rapidly decrease to the point where it won’t even stay charged for a week or two. At that point, you’ll likely need to replace the battery.

What you should know about the battery recharging system

Any time you’re dealing with battery issues in your riding lawn mower, it’s important to have an understanding of the battery recharging system that is present within the equipment. There’s an alternator and voltage regulator that are part of the system that recharges the battery in your riding mower. If any of those parts fail, replacing them can help you restore power to the battery when you next need to use the mower.

If the components of your system are in good condition, you should aim to always run the mower with full power when you’re cutting your grass, because that’s how the mower is designed to operate. When running at full throttle, it gives the mower the correct number of revolutions per minute to recharge the battery. Even dropping just 10 percent of your RPM will lead to a major reduction in the effectiveness of your battery charging system, which could result in the battery failing to hold its charge between uses of the machine.

For more information about batteries in riding lawn mowers in Ogden, UT and why they might be losing their effectiveness, we encourage you to contact Ogden Lawn & Garden. We’d be happy to be of assistance and answer any questions you may have!

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