Why Choosing the Right Fertilizer Is Important for Lawn Care

September 24, 2019

Every year, thousands of homeowners eagerly await the spring thaw, only to see their hard work in the garden rewarded with dull brown grass and wilting plants. The lack of a green thumb may not be the problem. You can pull weeds, trim the bushes and mow the lawn, but if you’re not choosing the right lawn fertilizer in Ogden, UT, your yard may never achieve the beauty of which it’s capable.

Why is fertilizer important?

Amateur gardeners may wonder why their lawn needs the extra-added kick of fertilizer, especially if they’re tending to the needs of their lawn and garden regularly. That’s a fair question.

By and large, your soil will provide a sizable portion of the nutrients your lawn and garden need to survive. Assuming that your yard is already fertile, mowing the grass and watering your plants goes a long way toward keeping that supply of nutrients constant. Regular lawn maintenance won’t give your lawn the boost it needs to truly thrive.

What does fertilizer do?

Your soil consists of three primary nutrients that provide your grass and plants with their food: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If your soil has too much or too little of any of these ingredients, then your lawn won’t grow properly. A correctly chosen lawn fertilizer in Ogden, UT can help you account for your soil’s inherent lack of any of these nutrients.

A quick note about acidity

Your soil’s acidity, more commonly known as its pH, can also have a measurable impact on the way your lawn and garden grow. Applying fertilizer can have a significant effect on your soil’s pH, so it’s always a good idea to get your soil’s pH checked by a professional before you lay down fertilizer.

Use caution before you dive in

Before you pick out a fertilizer, you should know that your lawn can have too much of a good thing. Using too much fertilizer can be just as bad as pouring too much water on your plants. You can suffocate and even kill your grass and plants with too much fertilizer.

The tools Ogden needs to thrive

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