Advantages of Cordless Lawn Mowers

October 8, 2019

When you’re in the market for a new electric lawn mower, you’ll be presented with one major decision before you even start thinking about brand names and horsepower. That decision is this: should you go corded or cordless?

It may be tempting to think of a corded electric lawn mower as the most convenient option. After all, you’ll never have to charge batteries—you just plug it in and take off. Before you go down the power cable path, however, consider the benefits of a cordless lawn mower in Ogden, UT. You might be glad you did.

They’re convenient

The most obvious benefit of a cordless lawn mower is right there in the name: it has no cord. Having to mow your lawn with a corded lawn mower may not seem like too much of a hassle. If you happen to have a perfectly square, flat yard, then it’s not that much to contend with.

For the rest of us, dealing with an electric cable means continually having to stop mowing to move the cord so it stays clear of your lawn mower’s blades. When you opt for a battery-powered cordless lawn mower, you can just get down to the business of mowing the lawn.

They’re powerful

These days, buying a cordless lawn mower in Ogden, UT doesn’t mean sacrificing the horsepower you’d get with a gas-powered model. Today’s machines are marvels of innovation that rival—and sometimes even surpass—their gas-operated counterparts.

Anyone can use them

As long as the battery is charged, most cordless lawn mowers are a breeze to use. Just press a button or pull a lever and then push. They require very little instruction to use and—provided you don’t act recklessly—they’re relatively safe.

They’re quiet and light

Technically, whether you choose a corded or cordless electric lawn mower, you’ll be getting a machine that operates much more quietly than the gas-powered alternative. Cordless devices tend to weigh less than gas mowers, as well.

Your Ogden, UT lawn tools pro

It’s time to take a step into the modern era of lawn tools. It’s time to find the perfect cordless lawn mower in Ogden, UT. It’s time to visit Ogden Lawn & Garden.

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