Lawn Care Ideas for a Healthy and Vibrant Lawn

June 26, 2020

Are you considering having lawn care to your garden? Or you need to look for new ideas?

Lawn Care: Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

If you think that lawn care is done just for the looks, better think again.

Maintaining a healthy lawn has more benefits that you may not be aware of. 

Unlike hard surfaces like wood, concrete, and asphalt, lawn grass helps in air cleaning by reducing carbon dioxide.

All living plants in your lawn takes up CO2 and releases oxygen into the air. Humans need oxygen to live, which is a significant benefit for the people living in the home.

Too much carbon dioxide can lead to higher air temperatures, which can affect our health. Heat has been one of the top causes of death in America in the past few years. Stats show that in 2017, more than 1,300 Americans die each year due to extreme heat.

Lawns can keep you cooler, which not only benefits our health but also keeps energy bills from skyrocketing during the summer season. Lawn care can also make your cooling system last longer because they don’t have to work as hard due to the cold environment your healthy lawn provides.

Lawn grass can also trap dust and prevent it from entering our lungs. We all want less dust moving around to make it easier to breathe. Less dust also means cleaner cars, houses, and windows.

Have you noticed that cities can be louder compared to places with lots of grass and plants?

Hard surfaces make sound bounce around, unlike a healthy lawn, which acts like a sound insulation panel that absorbs sounds from cars, people, animals, and trucks.

Control Stray Grass

Keeping stray grass from invading your garden beds takes planning and vigilance. Lawn care can be difficult once grass gets a foothold in your beds. 

The battle to keep stray grass away becomes even tougher when grass spreads by underground runners or if they can re-seed.

Border materials may keep grass out of your garden beds, but they need to be installed properly.

Steel edging is a sturdy material that can last for years, but you must expect to shell out more money.

The problem with edgings is that they are not wide enough to keep grasses from creeping under it and over it.

The ideal way to drive your edging is three inches into the ground so you can leave one inch above the ground. This gives protection below ground and above ground compared to driving it four inches into the ground, leaving the grass to grow over the edging.

You need to keep trim grass that tries to grow over your edging and creep under as well.

Stray grass is a tough opponent for your garden beds. Despite your best efforts to keep them away, you may still find them in your garden beds.

The best solution is to remove them by hand, or if you have no choice, use an organic herbicide to get rid of them.

Just be careful not to contaminate nearby plants. Using a sponge or brush for application is better than spraying.

Feed Your Lawn

There is a right way to feed your lawn, which many homeowners fail to realize. You can overfeed your lawn or feed at the wrong time.

Feed grass when they are actively growing; they need the right amount of nutrients to achieve optimal growth.

The best lawn care begins with the use of a phosphorus-free fertilizer and following the instructions in the label. Never put too much fertilizer and feed your lawn when no rainfall is due within 24 hours.

The rain will only wash out your fertilizer or make it leach into the groundwater.

Clean Up

Remove grass clippings and leaves from hard surfaces and walkways. Sweep lawn clippings and leaves back into your lawn to enrich your soil. Mulch grass clippings can help keep nutrients in your garden and prevent erosion and runoff.

Don’t dump clippings into sewers or waterways because they can clog them and cause flooding.

Water When Needed

Water is a vital part of lawn care, but you need to know how to water correctly.

Using rainwater for your lawn can help in water conservation. Point rain gutters into your yard or collect them in rain barrels.

Most areas get enough rainfall to support your lawn without the need for added watering or using sprinklers.

A sprinkler system can also save up to 7,600 gallons of water per year. The latest technology sprinklers allow you to create a customized watering schedule based on weather, location, and type of plants you are watering.

Take note that running your sprinkler at night can set you up for diseases to come forth. Watering your lawn in the morning is the best time because winds are cooler and calmer.

Water can seep down into the soil and be absorbed by the grass roots.

Don’t Mow too Short

One of the mistakes in lawn care is mowing your grass too short. Tall grass is stronger grass, which helps prevent weeds from spreading and absorbs rainfall better.

Your soil also benefits from the extra shade, and your grass can grow deeper roots.

Using a mulch mower is ideal so that you can return clippings and mulched leaves into your lawn.

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