Common Problems of Lawn Mowers in Hooper, UT and how to fix them

April 7, 2021
 Lawn Mower Hooper UT

You’re trying to mow your lawn, but your mower is not up to the task. It can be frustrating, and you’re thinking about what might have gone wrong with your lawnmower. Don’t fret. You can troubleshoot some common lawnmower problems. 

Common Problems of Lawn Mowers in Hooper, UT

Lawn Mower Starter Rope is Stuck

Some stuck clippings cause a stuck starter rope to the blade that dragged the ground. The engine flywheel brake can also cause it. Check if it is pressing against the handle before you pull it to start.

Lawn Mower Suddenly Died

At some point, when you’re mowing your lawn, you suddenly hear a sputtering sound as the engine stops. A dirty filter can be a significant reason why it abruptly powers down. Refer to the user’s manual on how to check and replace the filter. If there is too much dirt clogged up on the filter, it may need a replacement. Other causes of such a problem can be the spark plug. The grass is too high for the cutter’s settings or a dirty blade. You can check all of these if it is frequently stopping, but cal your Lawn Mower Repair Specialist if there are serious issues.

Your Lawn Mower Starts Blowing Smoke

It usually happens when starting up your lawnmower. It could mean that the chamber is too full of oil or a leak in the section. You can check it once your lawnmower is off and cooled. Likewise, when your lawnmower is not continuously running while blowing smoke, it’s time to seek professional help for repair. In Hooper, Utah, call Ogden Lawn Lawn and Garden for your Lawn Care repair and maintenance needs. 

It is not Starting

Sometimes you tend to forget to check the gas tank before using it. It is the common cause why your lawnmower is not starting. Check for tank leaks,  knock on the carburetor so fuel can flow freely, check for spark plugs if it needs replacement. If your lawnmower runs on a battery, you may need to replace them to power on your mower.

Your Lawn Mower Slows Down its Speed

A dislocated or damaged belt can be causing the slow down of your mower. Locate the belt and reattach it if it is loosened up. But, if the drive belts are damaged, you need to replace them with new ones. Sometimes, it is not the drive belt that is dislocated or damaged. Some parts of your lawn care equipment can be dislocated or damaged causing the slowing of your lawnmower. Look over the classifieds or on yellow pages in Hooper, Utah on the internet and check for a drive belt compatible with your trimmer. You can also find it in authorized stores in South Ogden and Hooper, Utah.

How to Prevent Common Lawn Mower Problems in Hooper, UT?  

Keeping your lawnmower well-maintained and repaired correctly is the key to avoiding problems that affect your lawnmower’s efficiency. It is crucial to follow routine maintenance to extend its life span and keep its efficacy level at its finest. Also, maintain the sharpness of your trimmers. Never attempt to repair something with your lawn equipment when you do not know what to do about it. Always call for a lawnmower maintenance and repair specialist for proper check-ups and remediation. An established Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance business will easily find the issue and solve it in a timely manner. 

How Long should your Lawn Mower Last in Hooper, UT?

Typically, your lawnmower can last up to 10 years, given that you took proper care and maintenance. But if not, they can last up to 4-5 years only. If you neglect your lawnmower and abuse it, it can only last up to 2 years just. Being observant of the common problems mentioned above and addressing the issues can add more lifespan to your lawn care equipment. Different types of a lawnmower can have different issues also, it is best to call for a Lawn Mower Expert who knows different brands of lawn mowers regarding maintenance and repair.

Why choose Ogden Lawn and Garden for your Lawn Mower Needs in Hooper, Utah?

Ogden Lawn and Garden are known to have excellent customer reviews regarding service and quality brands for your outdoor equipment needs. Dial these numbers –  801-394-5511 now or visit our website and book your Lawn Mower appointment today!

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