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Troubleshooting a Wet Lawn Mower

January 22, 2019

Mother Nature is highly unpredictable, especially in the springtime, when a sunny day can quickly turn into a downpour. Obviously, you’d never willingly mow your lawn when it’s raining outside, but those pop-up showers can come quickly, and if you’re cutting the grass, you could be caught in the middle of one. Needless to say, a wet lawn mower is no good and could end up requiring extensive repairs to correct the damage caused by the moisture. But before you chalk it up as a loss and bring your mower to a repairman, continue reading to learn more about fixing... View Article

Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Alive During the Winter

January 10, 2019

During the winter months, it’s common for grass to go dormant. This leads to brown, dry yards that can appear dead. During this period of dormancy, it’s not uncommon for grass to be extra susceptible to conditions that could result in its premature death. Knowing how to best care for your yard during the cooler season can help you ensure that it remains in prime condition throughout the year, including in the late fall, winter and early spring. Working with a lawn mower store in Ogden, UT is a great way to ensure that you’re staying on top of your... View Article

Will My Lawn Die During the Winter?

December 27, 2018

During the dry, cold winter months, it can be difficult for even the most knowledgeable lawn care enthusiasts to determine the health of their prized grass. While it’s known that lawns become dry and brown during the winter months, this is usually a sign of dormancy, rather than death. In periods of adverse growing conditions, many plants, including grass, become dormant to protect their root system and reduce the amount of energy that they’re expending. It’s common for grasses to go dormant in the wintertime, as well as in the summer months when it is hot and dry. If your... View Article

Prepping Your Lawn Equipment to Endure the Winter

December 5, 2018

Now that the grass growing season is over, it’s time for you to put your lawn mower in storage for the winter. Here are a few lawn equipment maintenance tips in Ogden, UT to help you prepare your mower for the winter season so that it’s clean and in good condition when the spring arrives and you’re ready to use it again. Before you begin, read your manual Every lawn mower is different, so it’s important you check your owner’s manual for required maintenance and winterizing steps before you put the mower away in storage for the winter. If you... View Article

How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Season

November 21, 2018

Most people think of lawn care as a task you only need to worry about during the spring and summer. While it’s true that you won’t be mowing your lawn during the winter, there are still tasks you should take to ensure your lawn stays healthy and attractive all year round. Winter can be especially hard on your lawn, so you should make sure you’re fully prepared to handle the cold season and take all necessary precautions to protect your lawn. Here are just a few examples of some of the steps you should take before the winter weather fully... View Article

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