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Prepping Your Lawn Equipment to Endure the Winter

December 5, 2018

Now that the grass growing season is over, it’s time for you to put your lawn mower in storage for the winter. Here are a few lawn equipment maintenance tips in Ogden, UT to help you prepare your mower for the winter season so that it’s clean and in good condition when the spring arrives and you’re ready to use it again. Before you begin, read your manual Every lawn mower is different, so it’s important you check your owner’s manual for required maintenance and winterizing steps before you put the mower away in storage for the winter. If you... View Article

How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Season

November 21, 2018

Most people think of lawn care as a task you only need to worry about during the spring and summer. While it’s true that you won’t be mowing your lawn during the winter, there are still tasks you should take to ensure your lawn stays healthy and attractive all year round. Winter can be especially hard on your lawn, so you should make sure you’re fully prepared to handle the cold season and take all necessary precautions to protect your lawn. Here are just a few examples of some of the steps you should take before the winter weather fully... View Article

How to Troubleshoot a Chainsaw

November 7, 2018

The fall season brings lots of falling leaves, broken branches and more that may need the attention of a chainsaw. Additionally, if you enjoy the warm glow of a fire during the holiday season, there’s a good chance that you’re planning to spend at least one weekend this fall chopping and sawing firewood. There is no shortage of useful ways that you can put your chainsaw to work throughout the fall and winter seasons, which is why it’s extremely important to ensure that you have a well-maintained chainsaw that’s ready for consistent use. Like all mechanical devices, chainsaws require lots... View Article

How to Buy a Lawn Mower

October 24, 2018

If you’re looking for the most efficient, effective way to trim your lawn, you may be wondering how to choose a lawn mower that meets your needs. There are two primary types of lawn mowers: push mowers and riding mowers. Within each of those types, there are countless sub-categories. The type of mower that you select ultimately depends on your personal preferences, the size of your lawn, the topography of your yard, the type of grass you grow and the energy source of your choice. Consulting with a store specializing in lawn equipment sales in Ogden, UT is the best... View Article

Ways to Conserve Water During Gardening

October 8, 2018

If you live in an area where water isn’t an overly abundant natural resource, you probably try to be conscious of your water use. Still, for many people, a huge portion of the water that’s used goes toward watering plants and lawns. While having a well-maintained yard is a great thing, you might be concerned that you’re using too much water for your plants. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to effectively cut down on your water use without sacrificing the beauty of your yard. Here are some tips from a lawn equipment dealer in Ogden, UT:... View Article

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